Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Thank You

Winter 2004

I gratefully acknowledge the contributions to Kristen's Memorial Fund so far this year from the generous organizations and individuals listed below. In the not too distant past, young women in Kristen's situation had little hope of both treating their disease and preserving the health of the unborn child. Now, Dr. Theriault's research has helped give pregnant women surprised by breast cancer a new choice.
To read a recent article about the fund click here. To donate click here. Designate that the fund be in memory of Kristen Hartland and also check the option for "Fund designated by family."

Lindsay and Nathan W. Adair
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Gene L. Blanchard
Miss Allison F. Blanton
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bragg
Mrs. Claire Coale

Kelley and Mark Corwin
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Eastin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Eiben
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Fawcett

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Frommert
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. German
Ms. Alicia Gousis
Miss Diana Jill Hartland

Miss Hannah M. Hartland
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hays
Ms. Beverly J. Helgerson
Selene E. Hendricks
Mr. Brandon K. Holcomb
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Holcomb
Mr. and Mrs. Deane Honeycutt

Ms. Lori A. Hood
Erin and Calvin Jones
Kathleen Juhl
Darcy and William Kazanecki

Mr. Patrick R. Laughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Lawyer

Lori Hood and Danny McClung

Mr. and Mrs. Sean McFarling
Mr. and Mrs. Toby Mongan
Mr. and Mrs. Bartel Morgan
Ms. Anna V. Patton
Lani Poynor
Mr. and Mrs. E. Gregory Przybyszewski
Leslie S. Randall
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua L. Randle
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Raschke
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey K. Reed
Cindy Jo and Ronnie Reeves
Reverend and Mrs. Warren Rikard
RJR Engineering

Mr. Norm Rosenfield
Anna Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Martin K. Scirratt
Linda Brooks and James L. Searcy
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Short
Ms. Elaine Stacha
The Steffler Family
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd E. Stone
The Stone Family Reunion
Mr. and Mrs. Allan R. Sturdivant
Mr. and Mrs. Britton D. Sudduth
Ms. Pamela Thacker
Mr. and Mrs. Austin Ware and Family

Mr. and Mrs. Darren Webster
Ms. G. Ann Wright
Young Texans Against Cancer