Monday, August 08, 2005

Vacation Pictures

New York

New York: Sam and I represented the Hartlands at the Stone family reunion picnic.

New York: As a child, Kristen loved to play in these cornfields behind her grandparent's home.

Boston: Taking in a ballgame at Fenway Park.

Newport, Rhode Island

Central Park, NYC

Asheville, North Carolina: At a festival.

After a nice respite from the heat, Sam and I are back in Houston. I hope you enjoy these pictures (by the way, I just posted a lot more pictures of Kristen in the "Pictures" section). As you can see we really had a great time.
Sam traveled well. Thank you all for your prayers of safe travel for the two of us.
As you can imagine, people are often asking me how I'm doing. The best response I can give is to tell them that every day is very different. Some days are full of tears and other days are full of fun and distraction. I certainly understand what another young husband meant in a grieving/coping book I recently read. He said that it was impossible for him to live without her forever, but maybe he could live without her for just today. That's very much how I feel - I just try to take each day individually. Forever is too hard to grasp.