Friday, June 03, 2005

This week's news so far

You'll recall that Kristen was in the hospital for a week in early May, receiving that large dose of chemo directly to her liver. On Tuesday of this week we met with the specialist doctor overseeing that treatment, expecting to schedule her next dosage (due in a couple weeks). We were disappointed when he recommended discontinuing the treatment because it is not working. He suggested a CAT scan before he made any recommendations on our next course of action. When I asked him to speculate on what treatments may be available, he indicated that he'd rather wait until he could see the scan of Kristen's abdomen (she had that done today). We'll see him again early next week to discuss our next move.
It was bad news to hear, but not altogether surprising considering the increasing pain in her liver and her overall lack of energy.

On a separate front, MRI's show that the brain radiation she received has been very effective at eradicating those several tumors.

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